Jeffrey Has Heart

1 in 110 babies are born in the U.S. daily with a congenital heart defect (CHD). Jeffrey was born in 1999 with aortic stenosis, and endured heart surgeries at age 6 weeks and 16 years old. Following his second surgery, he was inspired to help other CHD families. Jeffrey started Jeffrey Has Heart (501c(3)) in 2015 to provide financial and emotional support to these families, and has assisted 65 families in the past four years.

New Orleans Saints’ Fullback Zach Line and his wife, McKenzie, are Advisory Board Members of Jeffrey Has Heart. They believe in helping kids with heart defects and realize the difficulties families endure from hospital bills, to multiple surgeries and hospital stays. You may donate any amount to assist a heart family by clicking here.

The #mycausemycleats NFL campaign is the collaboration between the NFL and players, where players will represent hundreds of charitable organizations that focus on causes from youth wellness to sex trafficking prevention and support for single parents. See more on #mycausemycleats at